Adapt automatically your website to mobile devices with the Extract Widget techno and increase your revenues

Install our Bookmarklets and give a try to our powerfull content extraction technology

Try it : Manual Extract Widget

Extract Widget

See the tutorial :

Application Extract Widget

Try it : Automatic Extract Widget

Extract Widget Auto

How to proceed ?

1- Install the button into your browser as explained below
2- Go on a commercial web site (ex:
3- Choose the page where you want to extract the adverts from
4- Click on the button
5- See the extracted ads results displayed with the proposed viewer.
Example (click on the button above) :

'Hobo mors'
GUCCI - Hobo mors
595 €

How to Install the Extract Widget button into your browser ?

Under Internet Explorer, right-click and select 'Add to favorite'
Under Firefox, click on the menu 'View' and check 'Bookmarks Toolbar' in 'Toolbars'
Under Chrome, click on the menu 'Tools' and check 'Always show bookmarks bar'
Under Safari, click on the menu 'Tools' and check 'Show the bookmarks bar'
Under Opera, open the Opera menu and then in Settings/Toolbars, check 'Personal bar'

Drag&drop the buttons above to the personal bar of your browser